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305 – John Assaraf – Vision Boards and Peak Personal Performance


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The Kickass Life with David Wood

David Wood

Kelowna, Canada

Description: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

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305 – John Assaraf – Vision Boards and Peak Personal Performance

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‘The Secret’.  Today John will talk about the Neuroscience of Success, achieving Peak and Personal Performance by embracing the C.R.A.P in your universe and using it as a springboard to lead a KickAss life.

Today John will share:

  • His life at a young age, taking risks and how one individual changed his life.
  • Being insecure and the meaning of this.
  • Research today “why we do the things we do”.
  • Setting goals, creating plans, building his own Real Estate company
  • The CRAP Board “Conflict, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems” and what this means.
  • The importance of a Vision Board.
  • Being in control of your own life.

This is an amazing show. John is so passionate about research, helping and teaching people to build confidence and reach their goals.

Book Links:
The Answer by John Assaraf
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Connect with John:
Twitter: @johnassaraf

Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

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