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Best of the 2012 – The First 50


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The JR Experiment


Orange County California

Description: The best thing you've never heard.

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Best of the 2012 – The First 50

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Today James shows off some hardcore blind ambition and self serving attitude by deciding to offer up a best of. What an ass. He covers the first 50 episodes Ranging from August until mid October.

Here are links to the full Episodes he takes excerpts from:

  • Biology 100 – Alopecia and Tumors
  • Anthropology 100 – Cultural Sensitivity and No Gay Thursday
  • Psych 100 – Narcissism and Picky Eaters
  • History 101 – Dead Parents and Sad Stories
  • Music 101 – Your Music Sucks!
  • Sports 106 – Money, Playoffs, Cyborg Babies, and Eating Alone
  • Trivia 100 – Fun Facts and Knocks on the Door