The JR Experiment

Auto Shop 101 – Top 10 Dream Cars and the #1 way to argue with kids.


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The JR Experiment


Orange County California

Description: The best thing you've never heard.

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Auto Shop 101 – Top 10 Dream Cars and the #1 way to argue with kids.

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Today James starts off the podcast by explaining his stressful morning handling meetings and then driving to his kids preschool to watch their Thanksgiving Day pageant. This gets him to talking about traffic on the freeway and cars. He decides to make a list of his dream cars, but the list ends somewhere around 10 and he tells the tale of going to a monster truck rally. Apparently, monster tuck rallies will teach you the hardened quality of 1970′s and 1980′s Ford LTDs. After talking about how fun it is to jump a car, he suggests you jump a rental (don’t jump a rental) and then moves back into his kids Thanksgiving Day pageant. He tells the story of a sweet little girl arguing about the alphabet with her father and then James gives some great advice on arguing with kids. So, just another great show about cars


Still no pictures, but if everything holds until Friday they’ll be back!

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