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Sports 109 – Who is Ben Hoffman?


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Orange County California

Description: The best thing you've never heard.

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Sports 109 – Who is Ben Hoffman?

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Today James gets his act together enough to record a podcast with the incredible Ben Hoffman. James starts off by explaining the catastrophe of the past two days and then talks to Ben about the catastrophe he lived through in New York. They talk about the NBA for about 2 seconds before James derails Ben into talking about the NFL and why the season is “meh” as James puts it. After they go over the dumpy NFL season they get to talk about the dumpy start to the NBA season and Ben talks about New York 1000 times, until James forces the subject of “best fans” in order to get Ben talking about the insanely exciting world of soccer. Turns out James’ joke was a little better than he thought as Ben tells his story about Commissioner David Stern giving him a hard time about the Times coverage of the WNBA. Everything wraps up with a quick award for the worst game of the week and our comeback podcast is a wrap!


The laptop battery that started the whole podcast fiasco.

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