The JR Experiment

Engineering 100 – Testing the System


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The JR Experiment


Orange County California

Description: The best thing you've never heard.

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Engineering 100 – Testing the System

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So with today’s feed problems, James takes hold of the podcast to see if the system will hold as he discusses fat people having sex. Which leads to fat old people having sex and the always important cock cozy. As long as he was thinking about old people having sex he went ahead and brought everything off the rails with a discussion on old lesbians and his bid for President of the Lesbians. His 3 point plan is just crazy enough to work and get him killed. As always, talking about lesbians leads to talking about dogs and James conveys a story from high school where his friend’s dog pleasured himself to completion. With all of that packed into a 45 minute system test you better hope the feed works long enough for you to listen.

No pics till the system proves stable.