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The iPad Show 81- Resolutionary Conversation


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The iPad Show (video)

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Jackson, Michigan

Description: iPad news, reviews and interviews

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The iPad Show 81- Resolutionary Conversation

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iPad News:

iPad overheating
The thing is, you’ll have to run a highly graphics intensive game for 45 minutes constantly, or let it sit in direct sunlight. But most people don’t do either of those things.
Even then it isn’t any worse for you than the level of heat that gets thrown on your lap from a laptop!

Apple says that the new iPad keeps charging after it reaches 100%… and it’s a feature!
A feature damages your battery? According to research firm DisplayMate it does.
At least we can be certain that an update to fix this will come from Apple quicker than it ever would have from Google.

the iPad will be “the iPad” in China
Trademark dispute still isn’t settled.

New iPad is a 24-hour 4G LTE Hot Spot!
Not to mention it is free to use on a Verizon contract. :)

The new iPad might come to be called the iPad 2S when we all look back on this.
“Quad Core Graphics” frankly just means it can push more pixels. It is still a dual core processor. Sure it has a bump but it isn’t much.
It sure looks beautiful…

Apple is in trouble in Australia
The iPad is being sold as “4G”, but Australia’s government says it isn’t 4G in Australia.

App Reviews


$2.99 – iTunes Store Link
Kind of like Microsoft’s old Courier concept, because it’s made by people who loved the concept and funded it on kickstarter for $26,000, which includes money from the Courier project manager who donated after he left Microsoft when the project was crushed to make way for what has become Windows 8.

Microsoft could have done the same thing and put it on the iPad. When did Microsoft become a company that doesn’t sell software on other people’s platforms? Learn from SEGA! DON’T BE NINTENDO!

Angry Birds Space
$2.99 – iTunes Store Link