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Description: Any resemblance to a boring history class is purely coincidental!

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Season 1 Wrap-Up and FAQ Minicast

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This season wrap-up and FAQ episode is a question and answer grab bag. We posted a call for questions which we answer in this episode, as well as some odds and ends we thought would be fun...

Annie Sullivan Macy Minicast (audio)

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While doing research for the Helen Keller podcast, we both gained an admiration for Anne Sullivan Macy and thought she deserved a little spotlight time all her own. Of course, much of her story is intertwined with that of Helen, but she was a strong, smart, brave woman who lived a life previously un...

Episode 6 – Lizzie Borden (Audio)

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Upper middle class Victorian New England: Polite conversations, genteel ladies, dapper gentlemen, beautiful architecture, and a 32 year old spinster taking a hatchet to her parents. Or did she? The woman that we discuss in this episode was propelled into the center of a media frenzy and controversy...

Little House Minicast (Audio)

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Beckett and Susan cover books six through nine of the Little House on the Prairie series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder...

Episode Two – Laura Ingalls Wilder (Audio)

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Channel your inner pioneer. Think tall plains grasses, humble and hardworking people who knew what it meant to carve a life out of the rugged terrain. The woman we talk about this week is remembered for romanticizing her childhood and for sporting a really, sweet bonnet. But her reality was not all...

Episode One: Marie Antoinette (Audio)

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Beckett and Susan discuss an often-misunderstood figure in history. Made infamous by the social media of her day, this queen has left a legacy of misunderstanding in her wake...

Introduction to The History Chicks (Audio)

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Any resemblance to a boring history class is purely coincidental! Beckett and Susan give you the inside scoop on the stories behind the women in history. In a conversational style, the two co-hosts share what they've learned about the women (both real and fictional) throughout history, busting myths...

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