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Minicast: Beckett and Susan’s Adventures in Wonderland and What They Found There

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This minicast is a companion piece to Episode 28 - in which we take a chapter-by-chapter look at Lewis Carroll's books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, talking plot points, characters, and behind-the-story tales...

Episode 28 – Alice in Wonderland

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Once a season we step back from the factual historical world into the fictional historical world. This season, while stepping back, we fell into a rabbit hole of sorts and found ourselves becoming curiouser and curiouser about Alice. Alice in Wonderland, that is...

Episode 13 – Princess Charlotte

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Our friend Queen Victoria would probably not have existed without the story of a Princess that came before her"Charlotte Augusta of Wales.

Charlotte would have become Queen had she outlived her father and grandfather, but she died during childbirth...

Episode 12 – Queen Victoria, Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of our conversation about Queen Victoria. So much to talk about, we just couldn’t keep it to an hour!...

Episode 11 – Queen Victoria, Part 1

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We begin our second season with a woman whose life will take us two episodes to discuss. She wasn’t just black dresses, and talking about herself in the third person, you know! She led a very colorful and unique life! This woman was so influential that she had an entire AGE of improvements, fashi...

Audio Postcard #1 – Susan and the Painted Ladies

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Our first postcard, from Susan:

Greetings from Missouri!

I didn’t get too far from my house before I stumbled across our first postcard subject. Beautiful, multi-hued Victorian homes are just waiting to be admired all over the country, and I got to do just that in Plattsburg, a small town halfwa...

Episode 8 – The Mrs. Astor

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The History Chicks request the pleasure of your company as we begin a multi part series on The Gilded Age. In this episode we discuss the life and life’s work of one of the big names in turn of the century New York High Society: Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor. Mrs. Astor. THE Mrs. Astor...

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