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Episode 43: Elizabeth I, Part One

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She was called many things: Princess, Bastard, Gloriana, Good Queen Bess, and the Virgin Queen. We add to our Tudor series this chat about the extraordinary life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I...

Bookcast – Jane Austen Book Club #3

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This is the last installment of the Jane Austen Book Club, a companion to Episode #38. We cover her last two major novels, both of which were published posthumously...

Episode 34 : Josephine Baker (part 1)

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Warning - saucy subject material! Josephine Baker is often remembered simply as the woman who danced wearing nothing but a skirt of bananas in Paris during the 1920′s. But her life was far from simple. She was not only a dancer and singer, but also a spy, a civil rights activist and a mother. Sh...

Season 4 Introduction

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Welcome to Season 4! We reveal our Guaranteed Content nominees...

Episode 31 – Lady Jane Grey

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Often listed as merely an asterisk in history, Lady Jane Grey did have a part in the tale of the Tudors and in the succession of the crown. A teeeny tiny part, but a part nonetheless. Her young life and limited time on the throne may have been short, but it was long on drama...

Episode 30: Queen Mary I

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Before she became the first Queen Regnant of England, before she was labeled illegitimate, she was, quite simply, Princess Mary of England - the apple of her father's eye. But, ahh, nothing is simple for those Tudors. Nothing...

Episode 24 – Last Four Wives of Henry VIII

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With this episode we continue our series on the Tudors. Henry, Henry, Henry… First Catherine of Aragon didn’t produce, so you divorced her. Then Anne Boleyn failed as well, so you took care of that nuisance. In this episode we talk about the last four of your wives, or as we like to call them, M...

Minicast: Titanic Field Trip

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Despite press claims of being unsinkable, by 2:10 AM on the 15th of April, Titanic begins her journey to the bottom of the sea, taking just over 1,500 people with her. The stories of those people and the history of that night- that ship- continue to grimly fascinate 100 years later..It was all thos...

Episode 23 – Margaret “Molly” Brown

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Molly Brown- the Unsinkable Molly Brown. A woman whose real life story was so much more impressive than the one that was assigned to her after her death...

Episode 22 : Katherine of Aragon

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As we continue in our Tudors series, we take some time to discuss the life of Henry VIII’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon. She was born from royal stock, had a wicked awesome role model for Queenly duties in her Mama, and lived the life that was planned for her from a very young age. Ok, so may...
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