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Minicast: Titanic Field Trip

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Despite press claims of being unsinkable, by 2:10 AM on the 15th of April, Titanic begins her journey to the bottom of the sea, taking just over 1,500 people with her. The stories of those people and the history of that night- that ship- continue to grimly fascinate 100 years later..It was all thos...

Episode 23 – Margaret “Molly” Brown

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Molly Brown- the Unsinkable Molly Brown. A woman whose real life story was so much more impressive than the one that was assigned to her after her death...

Season 3 Introduction

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We are VERY excited! We discuss some upcoming plans on this podcast, as well as sharing some stories that happened behind the scenes.

Thank you (again and again and again) for listening!...

Episode 10 – Jennie Jerome Churchill

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We wrap up our Gilded Age series with a lively discussion about one of the first wave of Gilded Age Heiresses- an American born woman who gave birth to a son who would eventually be known as one of the greatest Britons in history...

Minicast – Gilded Age Servants

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Not everyone in the Gilded Age had a wardrobe of Worth dresses and the luxury of boredom; an army of servants were required behind the scenes to ensure the Dollar Princesses' success...

Episode 9 – Gilded Age Heiresses

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Call them whatever you want; Gilded Age Heiresses, Dollar Princesses, Buccaneers... Spanning about a twenty-year time period, wealthy American ladies of marrying age headed across the pond to snag the ultimate in opulent accessories: a noble title...

Age of Innocence “Moviecast”

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We try an experiment - and discuss Martin Scorsese's 1993 movie "The Age of Innocence" - a film based on a book by Edith Wharton, and set within the formal world of Mrs. Astor's Gilded Age New York...

Episode 8 – The Mrs. Astor

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The History Chicks request the pleasure of your company as we begin a multi part series on The Gilded Age. In this episode we discuss the life and life’s work of one of the big names in turn of the century New York High Society: Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor. Mrs. Astor. THE Mrs. Astor...

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