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Description: Any resemblance to a boring history class is purely coincidental!

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Season 4 Introduction

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Welcome to Season 4! We reveal our Guaranteed Content nominees...

Season 3 Introduction

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We are VERY excited! We discuss some upcoming plans on this podcast, as well as sharing some stories that happened behind the scenes.

Thank you (again and again and again) for listening!...

Episode 19 – Madame de Pompadour

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We attempt to be as PG13 as possible during this episode’s discussion of a woman who won the favor of a King, and is remembered as one of the most influential mistresses France has ever seen...

Episode 17 – The Duchess of Devonshire

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You voted - and we are pleased to present the first winner of our Guaranteed Content Poll- Georgiana Spencer Cavendish, The Duchess of Devonshire!...

Season 2 Introduction

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Just a quick introduction to the next few months of shows; including the results of our Guaranteed Content Poll!...

Season 1 Wrap-Up and FAQ Minicast

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This season wrap-up and FAQ episode is a question and answer grab bag. We posted a call for questions which we answer in this episode, as well as some odds and ends we thought would be fun...

Annie Sullivan Macy Minicast (audio)

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While doing research for the Helen Keller podcast, we both gained an admiration for Anne Sullivan Macy and thought she deserved a little spotlight time all her own. Of course, much of her story is intertwined with that of Helen, but she was a strong, smart, brave woman who lived a life previously un...

Episode 6 – Lizzie Borden (Audio)

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Upper middle class Victorian New England: Polite conversations, genteel ladies, dapper gentlemen, beautiful architecture, and a 32 year old spinster taking a hatchet to her parents. Or did she? The woman that we discuss in this episode was propelled into the center of a media frenzy and controversy...

Episode 5 – Dolley Madison (Audio)

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Get out your best china and polish that silver! Don a feathered turban, and settle in for a chat about a woman who was not only one of the greatest hostesses in the history of party throwing, but a woman who was an extraordinary networker, before networking was cool. Not just another first lady…...

Episode 4 – Abigail Adams (audio)

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The woman that we discuss in this episode lived a life of devotion and sacrifice during an exciting, yet turbulent, period of American History. By all accounts she was an intelligent wife, mother, patriot, home fire-tender, Second Lady, First Lady and oh, yes, mother of the sixth president of the Un...

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