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The GeeksFTW- Episode 122


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The GeeksFTW!

William and Stuart

Description: We Geek out over anything geeky whether its Movies,Television,Comics,Video Games,Technology, or anything else.

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The GeeksFTW- Episode 122

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Sorry the Podcast is late, but we do have it up before the week is over with! Stuart had a problem and we had to push the recording back a few days, but we are here! We have a full Geektastic Episode for you all! We also ask that you remember to use our Amazon Link on the site when you are using your Gift cards you get from Amazon this Christmas! Thanks!

If you are looking for more from us then check out our 1-347-433-5389 (Geek-FTW) , or leave a comment below. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us. Show notes will be below. We hope you enjoy!

Show Note Links

  1. Petition to Build the Death Star Gathers Enough Signatures to Rate a Response from the White House
  2. Minecraft: The Story Of Mojang Airs On Xbox Live On December 22
  3. New TARDIS Interior Revealed
  4. Nvidia Tegra 4
  5. Marvel Theme Park
  6. Ultimate Spider-Man returns in January!
  7. Gangnam Style becomes first YouTube video to hit one billion views

Bonus Content Links (Found on our Android App on the Amazon App store and iPhone app in the Podcast Box App)

  1. Android controlled toilet
  2. Makeup Test for Frodo as Gollum Creature in LORD OF THE RINGS
  3. Amazon to produce 6 original pilots for us to pick which will make it