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Episode 103


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The GeeksFTW!

William and Stuart

Description: The hosts talk about all things related to Geek Culture.

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Episode 103

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This week we talk about a variety of topics including more marvel movie news, Justice League director rumors, steam selling software, The Hobbit, and much more. We have bonus content that should be out by Monday.

f you are looking for more from us then check out our , call our voiceline at 1-347-433-5389 (Geek-FTW) , or leave a comment below. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us. Show notes will be below. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Steam to sell non games
  2. You may not see the Hobbit in 48 fps
  3. Marvel Might get Galactus and Silver Surfer back?
  4. Warner Bros Wants Ben Affleck to Direct Justice League Movie
  5. Joss Whedon signed to write and direct Avengers 2 and marvel tv show

Bonus Topics

  1. Day Z Standalone game confirmed
  2. Batman Live?(With Trailer)
  3. Black Ops 2 Multiplayer trailer