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Episode 142 – Planning Session Info Thingy


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The Gamers' Inn

Jocelyn and Ryan

Ontario, Canada

Description: Come on in, pull up a chair next to the fire. It looks like you’ve had a long journey. Welcome to the Gamers' Inn.

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Episode 142 – Planning Session Info Thingy

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Welcome to the Extra Life Planning Session Information Thingy… Trademark pending on that one. But before all that fun business Jocelyn and I chat some games! Ryan kept his promise and checked out the Preppin the Inn). WoW chat takes us towards the release of patch 6.0.2 and our thoughts on some of the model updates.

The episode then transitions into Extra Life Details Extravaganza! Prizes! Promotions! Guests! Awesome super duper fun time! You’ll need to remember three spots for the big day: 1. Our team page at

Be sure to check us out on Patreon at, all our Patrons help make this show awesome. Thanks guys!

Also it’s October, and Extra Life is just around the corner! Be sure to go to to catch all the action.

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Episode 141 – It’s Super Japanese

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The Gamers' Inn duo returns proper for the first time in over a month! Ryan chats about the launch of a new companion video series called Preppin the Inn, where he preps for the podcast by playing half hour snippets of games. He played the Wii U exclusive Hyrule Warriors and a much MUCH bleaker game...

Episode 140 – It’s All About That Smite

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This week Ryan is joined by Patrick "OctanePro" Jester to chat about ArchAge, Arma mods and yes of course, SMITE! Patrick chats about his livestreaming fun with ArchAge, a new free to play MMO that features beautiful art but very skippable text. Chatting about the Battle Royale Arma III mod leads th...

Episode 139 – All Blizzard, All the Time

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This week Ryan is on his honeymoon, so Jules of Tauren Think Tank filled in! Jocelyn and Jules talk all things Blizzard, including the cancellation of Titan, Raiding in WoW, the Road to BlizzCon EU Hearthstone finals and some Heroes of the Storm. Plus a hint of Smite of course ;)...

Murphy Wedding Special

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On September 20th Ryan got married to his lovely new wife, Ashley. Jocelyn flew all the way from Halifax to be there and the party was epic! This short episode was recorded during the dance portion of the wedding live from Trent University. Super awesome thanks goes to our listeners who make this po...

Episode 138 – Destiny & Dungeons & Dragons

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These last few weeks have been sort of heavy haven't they? A lot of EA Access talk then there was Gamers Gate. How about some good old fashioned gaming talk? Jocelyn is making herself at home in Ontario so Ryan invited his good friend Matt to join the show and chat about the recently launched Destin...

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