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Gamers Garage: Episode 239 – Spoilergy 2


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The Gamers Garage

Crash, Justin, Tommy, Candice, Klaus


Description: The Gamers Garage is a show that focuses on game impressions and reviews, without the boring fluff you hear in most video game podcasts. Occasionally we’ll throw a movie into the mix and even some random topics along the way.

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Gamers Garage: Episode 239 – Spoilergy 2

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We wrap up our Spoilergy series with the conclusion of The Walking Dead (game). As we stated in last week’s episode, we encourage you to play through all episodes of the game before listening to our discussions of the decisions we made. Not to mention, it will ruin your experience if you listen in before playing the game.

For those entering our contest, please leave your submissions in the comment section below. Winners will be announced in Episode 242.

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