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Episode 33 of the Daily Interaction: 5 Ways to Be Both Savvy & Sincere in Business


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Prolific Living Media: The Daily Interaction

Farnoosh Brock

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Episode 33 of the Daily Interaction: 5 Ways to Be Both Savvy & Sincere in Business

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Welcome back to Episode #33 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is how to be both savvy and sincere in business – both in your own business, or your job, or your personal life and social circles. This was inspired by my good friend, Leslie Samuel, who was the fresh voice introducing the show today.

Guess Who is the Fresh Voice This Episode:

Leslie is one of the most sincere online marketers and bloggers that I have the pleasure of knowing. He is someone that embodies the characteristic traits that I want to highlight today. Be sure to check out Leslie’s own podcast, I find myself listening even if I know exactly what he is going to recommend or say (it’s that good!): Learning with Leslie on iTunes or find him at Learning with Leslie.

This episode will also talk about a lot of millionaire characteristic traits, thanks to this new podcast by Jaime Tardy, the Eventual Millionaire, where she has interviewed dozens of sincere millionaires on their secrets to success. Go Jaime! Awesome work!

Last week, I talked about treating your blog as a business, and if you don’t have a blog, this would be a side-hustle, a hobby that you want to turn into an income, or a passion that you are starting to take more seriously. The point is that you should be proud and honest with YOURSELF first before you move on to conveying that message to the rest of the world, and this episode of the podcast, where I talk about ways you can be both savvy and smart in your business, is a perfect extension to those thoughts.

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Your Weekly Friday Show Notes:

1. Share the inspiration for the show, both from Leslie, our fresh new voice, and also Jaime Tardy’s podcast above. I also give you reasons to stay true to your integrity, despite the poor expectations of running a business in third world countries that are prone to corruption and bribery. I use my own home country of Iran as an example here.

2. Number 1 trait of being savvy & sincere in business is none other than utter sincerity. What is the intangible vibe that makes you feel funny when you feel the lack of sincerity? And what is it that you can do to make sure you do not come across as insincere in your ways and manners. And should you even care whether someone in a potential business partnership is sincere? Also check out Episode 31 on intuition because sincerity is tied to that inner voice as you pick it up from others.

3. Number 2 trait of being savvy & sincere in business is honesty. Why it is crucial to hold yourself to a certain standard of honesty and a tip I give you that helps you have a conversation with yourself before you commit an act of even mild dishonesty. Plus the worst dishonesty of all and how and why to avoid it at all costs.

4. Number 3 trait of being savvy & sincere in business is holding yourself up to high standards, and using Leslie as an example for this as to how he resolved this disconnect in his email marketing strategies. Why I love how Leslie holds himself up to his own standards.

5. Number 4 trait of being savvy & sincere in business is focus, extreme focus and the importance of having this focus. Eventual Millionaire podcast talks extensively about this because it comes up “hundreds of times in the interviews with millionaires”, according to Jaime Tardy, the host. I give you tips on how to make focus work for you.

6. Number 5 trait of being savvy & sincere in business is persistence, and why this is one of the hardest ones because results are not immediate and yet it is an absolute must-have in being savvy and sincere in business. And one reason that you cannot possibly give up when you are so so close to success, even though there are some situations when giving up a good thing, most likely, you are probably in it for the long haul and that is why persistence is golden.

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