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Audiobooks For Indies With Simon Whistler


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Audiobooks For Indies With Simon Whistler

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Have you put your books into audio yet? Today I interview Simon Whistler about his new book, Audiobooks for Indies.

I’m in New Zealand on a family visit! Delirium is now available as an audiobook, you can find it here on Audible or please email me if you’d like a review copy.

This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life podcast for interviews with successful indie authors.

Kobo’s financial support pays for the hosting and transcription, and if you enjoy the show, you can now support my time on Patreon. Thank you!

Audiobooks for Indies: Unlock the potential of your book.

You can listen above or Part 2, or read the notes and links below.

  • Simon talks a bit about his background, with a degree in business, then working in Sri Lanka before moving to Prague. He started narrating audiobooks and working with indie authors, and then started his podcast, Rocking Self Publishing, before deciding to write a book about audiobooks to help authors get their books out there. We talk about the creative hub that Prague is turning into … We discuss entrepreneurship and the mindset shift from writing a book to running a business as an author.
  • Why the audiobook market is growing so fast. Basically because Amazon is behind it, plus the advance of digital technology. People can consume while they do other things, and it’s on demand now through wireless technology. It can also help you stand out as there are far fewer books available in audio, plus Whispersync means people can combine editions on their Kindle.
  • On ACX and how it works. You can also read more about my experience with ACX in publishing and marketing here. We talk about pricing, ACX bounty, marketing, Whispersync and how the various payments work, as well as how to select a narrator.
  • Best practices for working with a voice talent. We talk about adaptation, interpretation and respecting creative expression – as well as balancing it with how you want the book to be.
  • On fiction and non-fiction audiobooks. Often listeners want to hear the author read non-fiction, so if you can, narrate it yourself. For fiction, you need to do voices and things, so it’s best to get a professional. Simon talks about using basic equipment for audiobook narration – you don’t need to complicate things and it will only cost you a couple hundred $ to get started. Before you do anything, read your book out loud and see how you feel.
  • Getting over your voice. We talk about becoming a narrator and how it can become another income stream, on when to take royalty split deals, and more. I am considering getting further into narration in 2015, only for non-fiction though.
  • On podcasting and when authors should consider it. We talk about the commitment in time per episode as well as how long it takes to get some traction with an audience. Like writing, it’s a long term game! We also talk a bit about video and YouTube – the most important thing is regular content. Most successful vloggers are doing videos several times a week. We also mention Skype Translator – which translates as you speak – only in beginning stages, but wow! It’s like Star Trek!

You can find Simon at Audiobooks for Indies: Unlock the potential of your book, here on Amazon.

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