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The Christian Publishing Market With Jeremy Bouma


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The Christian Publishing Market With Jeremy Bouma

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I have a degree in Theology and my interest in religion is enmeshed in my fiction.

I write books that can be described as religious thrillers, and yet I’m not a Christian, although I do describe myself as spiritual. In today’s show, I interview Jeremy Bouma about the complexities of the Christian publishing market, and you’ll learn a lot about the sub-niche as well as customer targeting and much more, even if you’re not a Christian author.

In the introduction I mention my personal writing updates, as well as the Christmas mystery/thriller giveaway when you can win 12 print books (let us buy your Christmas presents for you!)

is the author of non-fiction and fiction books, as well as an entrepreneur. Jeremy was previously an evangelical Christian pastor and writes for HarperCollins Christian Publishers, as well as dealing with the questions of faith in his books and on his blog. Today we’re talking about aspects of the Christian publishing market.

You can Stitcher, or read the show notes below.

  • Jeremy talks about his background in politics and religion, starting in Washington DC working with a Senator and then became a pastor for politicians. After a crisis of faith, Jeremy found himself getting deeper into his Christianity. He began blogging and did post-grad studies in Theology and then started writing books. His first being ‘The Unoffensive Gospel of Jesus.’ He now does content marketing with Harper Collins Christian publishers.
  • On how writing helps us work out what we believe. I work this out in my fiction, and Jeremy talks about how his non-fiction books have helped him. We discuss the academic side of writing vs the kind of thing that appeals to the wider public. It’s important to consider who your audience is and how to connect with them.
The spectrum of the Christian publishing market.
  • The Christian market is a $1.2 billion market, around 10% of the broader US publishing market. Christians buy more books and spend more money on books than the average reader. This explains why the big publishers have bought out many of the independent presses in this area.
  • When we talk of the Christian market, it is usually catered towards the Evangelical side of things and they often purchase from Christian stores. Those type of bookstores may not purchase from indie authors, as they are not necessarily known entities whose work has been checked as doctrinally sound.
  • The sub-genres reflect the mainstream e.g. Christian romance, Christian suspense, Christian sci-fi etc. We talk about Amish fiction, often a kind of historical romance. We talk about some more edgy genres as well. I mention Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series in particular, which has sold over 63 million books and is post-apocalyptic with a lot of violence and an edge of horror.
  • Christian readers are generally more tolerant of violence than swearing or sex. We talk about Mormon fiction, and I mention Michael Wallace’s The Righteous series.
  • We talk about the wider global Christian market, and I talk about the Catholic markets of Spain, Brazil and the Latino, Spanish speaking market in the US which is more Catholic. We talk about the growth of Christianity in Africa, South America and Asia and how the change in demographics will impact publishing.
Is there a mainstream renaissance in biblical stories? (or big stories?)
  • With Noah out earlier this year, and Exodus coming out before Christmas, we talk about a longing for ‘bigger’ stories, and how Hollywood have also woken up to the hungry market for these types of films. We talk about the awesome stories that are in the Bible and how many of them are being adapted.
  • I talk about the gap that my books fall through, as well as others – I write religious fiction, but not Christian fiction. Jeremy mentions the peer acceptance that is needed for books appealing to Christians, they need to be doctrinally sound to be acceptable in that market. Or, books can just be great stories that tangentially talk about religion or spirituality.
  • If you are a Christian writing books for the Christian market, there is an entire eco-system of blogs and review sites etc.
Having an endorsement from a known Christian personality is important.
  • It shortcuts the alignment with spiritual convictions. We talk about the changing nature of self-publishing within the evangelical market.
  • We discuss branding around yourself when you’re encouraged not to make it about yourself as a Christian. But a personality is important to build know, like and trust and Jeremy’s discusses how he did this, and how uncomfortable it was at the beginning.
  • Jeremy talks about his coming of age novel, fiction site :) We also talk about resonance in titling books and how strong words can evoke themes in people’s minds.

You can find Jeremy and his books at @bouma

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