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Tomm Bauer

Description: The Brew Daddy covers topics ranging from the manliest of things like Beer, Sports and Hot Chicks to the not so manly like Babies, Crying and Puppies! Join in the discussion by calling: (760) 454-8813 and let your inner girly man speak!

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This is a test show - Sep 05,2012

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Its a test show...

The Brew Daddy - 6/13/2012 - Jun 14,2012

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On this episode of "The Brew Daddy" well discuss the evolution that that meaning of Fathers Day goes through throughout your life. Shopping with a 30 week pregnant wife and how I just may have turned my dad into an alcoholic. Also, now that the NHL season is over we can all stop pretending that we...

The Brew Daddy 6/6/2012 - Jun 07,2012

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Tonight on "The Brew Daddy", how all of a sudden, since Jack Bauer has become pregnant, shes become a dare devil. We'll get get a little bit deeper into the first words you say to your child, and we'll discuss why I love getting kicked in the face on the weekends. We'll cover all your NHL, MLB & NB...

The Brew Daddy - 5/30/2012 - May 31,2012

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On this episode of "The Brew Daddy" we go over the work and time that goes into home brewing. Is it worth it? We talk to Michele from MA whose 2 year old apparently mistook a tractor for a toilet and we cover all the Mets, Yankees and Devils from Wednesday night along with the fact that turning 30...

The Brew Daddy - 5/23/2012 - May 24,2012

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How did you introduce your dog/family pet to your newborn? What worked? What didn't? Also the fear of god that Jack Bauer put into me for a full weekend and how bowling while pregnant might not be the best of ideas. Post game reaction from crazy die hard Ranger fan Kev Kage immediately following th...

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