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138 Animals Onstage


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Theatre Geeks -- Dave Dufour, John Shoup, Marcia Fulmer


Description: Community Theatre and the Performing Arts

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138 Animals Onstage

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Or, how to keep your theatre from going to the dogs

Sooner or later, your theatre will come upon a play that you want to produce, but it requires an animal, or even animals onstage for some scenes. Bell, Book and Candle‘s Pyewacket, Annie‘s Sandy and of course, The Wizard of Oz‘ Toto, are three that spring to mind. While these animals are essential, they also pose some special issues for actors and directors. While the goal is to get the best performance possible from an animal actor, the safety and well-being of the animal as well as cast members . . . → Read More: 138 Animals Onstage

Theatre Geeks - community theatre and the performing arts

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137 Richard Engling, Chicago Playwright

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Chicago playwright Richard Engling remembers friend Fern Chertkow with the Afterlife Trilogy

Playwright talks with the Geeks about his friend, his play and his process.

 It has been almost 30 years since award-winning author Fern Chertkow ended her own life, but her legacy lives on through the A...

136 Kids in Hollywood: getting an agent and more

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Susan Whitby joins us again to talk more about her adventure helping daughters Maddie and Audrey launch their careers on TV and radio in Hollywood.

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135 When your kids want to become professional actors

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Midwest mom Susan Whitby tells you what to expect when your children want to take the show business plunge

Susan Whitby joined us for the first of two episodes to talk about her daughters, Audrey and Maddie, who, after starting out in community theatre in Indiana, have moved on, with her help and...

134 Getting your show shut down — how to avoid it

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There are some rules about play production -- breaking them can result in getting your show shut down.

Our friend and entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark recently published this blog post on how producers can make sure they don't get their show shut down.  Gordon's insights sparked a conversation...

To your health: staying well on stage

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The Geeks share a few tips and tricks for fighting colds and other ailments that can play havoc with  your performance.

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