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To your health: staying well on stage


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Theatre Geeks

Theatre Geeks -- Dave Dufour, John Shoup, Marcia Fulmer


Description: Community Theatre and the Performing Arts

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To your health: staying well on stage

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The Geeks share a few tips and tricks for fighting colds and other ailments that can play havoc with your performance.

Music provided on this Bastille Day (as we’re recording this) by Music Alley.

Theatre Geeks - community theatre and the performing arts

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132 Up in Smoke: Smoking onstage in a non-smoking world

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Smoking onstage and its alternatives

Depending on your venue, audience and local laws, producing a script that requires that characters smoke can be problematic. Where smoking is prohibited in public places it is sometimes allowed in stage performances, but audiences may still not accept it or appro...

131 Theatre a la carte: using food onstage

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Food onstage can sometimes be a challenge

Whether it's staging a family dinner or dealing with a variety of beverages, food onstage is a special class of props that has its own set of issues and potential pitfalls.  The Geeks talk about their experiences (some good, some not-so-good) with food onst...

130 Backstage Etiquette

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Be respectful of both your audience and your fellow actors

The Geeks have talked often about the annoying things that some audience members may do that hurt the theatregoing experience for everyone.  This time, they delve into the topic of backstage etiquette for both cast and crew.  Sometimes lit...

129 Directors — should they be smooth or sharp?

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What kind of director are you?  What kind of director is best?

Directors come in all styles -- from overly easygoing (REAL smooth) or difficult bordering on abusive (REAL sharp).  Where's the sweet spot on the contiuum?  The Geeks discuss.


128 Stratford Festival 2014 Preview

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Stratford Festival's publicity director Ann Swerdfager joins the Geeks

We've mentioned the Stratford Festival plenty of times on Theatre Geeks, but it certainly bears repeating that Ontario's longtime Shakespeare (and a whole lotta other theatre) festival is one of the theatrical gems of North Amer...

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