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120 Can there too much theatre tech?


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Theatre Geeks

Theatre Geeks -- Dave Dufour, John Shoup, Marcia Fulmer


Description: Community Theatre and the Performing Arts

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120 Can there too much theatre tech?

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The Geeks discuss the high- and ever higher-tech state of theatrical productions and wonder if “enough” is actually too much, and whether technology helps or hinders a community theatre’s creative approaches.

Theatre Geeks - community theatre and the performing arts

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119 Leave that stuff at home! Dealing with bad behavior in the theatre.

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What can you do to deal with backstage hanky panky and other disruptive "stuff" in community theatre?

Community theatre is a great social activity, but problems do arise when behaviors that may (or may not) be ok away from the theatre become distractions or even liabilities within a cast.  While we...

118 Is it Actor or Actress?

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Is the term "actress" outmoded?

The Geeks have been accused of being a little "old school" at times (whatever that means), and all three of us remember when the term "actress" was the standard way of referring to a female on stage.  In this abbreviated episode, the Geeks discuss why and when the te...

117 Awards Nights for Community Theatre: the pros and cons

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Are awards nights at a community theatre a good thing or a bad thing?

After a peculiarly breathy beginning, the Geeks get down to the business of awards.  Some community theatres have an annual in-company awards ceremony honoring best actors/actresses, directors, etc.  Some may feel that this only...

Colleen Williamson talks about her life entertaining on cruise ships

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Community theatre was Colleen Williamson's springboard to an exciting life performing on cruise ships.

Colleen Williamson joins us for a fascinating talk about her life as a cruise ship actress, singer and entertainer, that started over 20 years ago.  Possessed of a great singing voice and natural...

115 Theatre under the influence

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Theatre Geeks talk about their theatrical influences in this episode of the long-running theatre podcast...

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