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144 Say What? Theatre sound.


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Theatre Geeks

Theatre Geeks -- Dave Dufour, John Shoup, Marcia Fulmer


Description: Community Theatre and the Performing Arts

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144 Say What? Theatre sound.

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All of us have attended a play or musical where the sound is less than perfect. This can be because of the facility or the actors themselves, among other reasons. And bad sound can harm the theatre experience for the audience. The Geeks discuss various sound problems, and possible solutions. Use our contact form to send us YOUR thoughts on this issue.


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Theatre Geeks - community theatre and the performing arts

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143 Putting on the California State AACT Festival

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It's been a number of years since California has participated in the AACT Festival cycle with its own state festival, so resurrecting the tradition presents a number of challenges.  With the Geeks to talk about them are Andrew Vonderschmitt, Executive & Producing Artistic Director for the Long...

142 Festival tips from Ron Ziegler, AACT

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We already into the 2015 festival cycle and the excitement is building.  Festivals are a great deal of fun, but also a lot of work for the planners. Ron Ziegler of the American Association of Community Theatre joins the Geeks with some great tips for states or regions mounting their first festiva...

How to save your theatre, part 2

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Build more bars?

This episode is part two of our discussion of  Brendan Kiley's, article in the Seattle-based The Stranger. "Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves."

In this episode the Geeks talk about Kiley's suggestion that a little alcohol makes for a happier audience. ...

How to save your theatre, Part 1

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Enough with the Shakespeare already?

A few months ago, the Geeks came across an article by Brendan Kiley, writing in the Seattle-based The Stranger.  The post in question is titled "Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves," and it's a pretty good read, even though some of the co...

139: Some thoughts about theatre promotion

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Broadcast, print, direct mail and the web -- sorting out theatre promotion

The Geeks discuss some options, discuss what works and what doesn't and a bit about how the landscape has changed.


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