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#209 – Headless Units and Baseless Batteries – KiCad Kickoff Kopophobia


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The Amp Hour

Dave Jones & Chris Gammell

Description: An Electronics Radio Show

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#209 – Headless Units and Baseless Batteries – KiCad Kickoff Kopophobia

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  • Contextual Electronics course.
  • There is also a new site over at
  • We also still have an IRC channel! There are also channels for KiCad and Electronics on Freenode.
  • Dave used to own but they got antsy about him owning that.
  • graphene capacitors.
  • The current requirements are insane, the dynamic current would be higher than most car chargers.
  • fuel cell breakthrough and are in early production.
  • Another gimmicky crowdfunding was someone claiming to have replicated Wardenclyff.
  • Weird Al has a new song about conspiracy theories called “Foil”.
  • Dave recently got into OK Go videos, citing the Rube Goldberg as his favorite.
  • OK Go was part of the White House maker faire
  • Dave has camera woes after losing an entire day of footage going through old magazines.
  • National Instruments recently released a headless unit/multitool. The specs for the scope appear that they are using off the shelf silicon (100 MHz for 2 channels).
  • Dave mentioned that there is also a wireless head unit for multimeters from Agilent. It is ruggedized for field work.
  • Fluke also has been pushing their safety equipment.
  • The hard problem to solve is streaming data back across a wireless connection (especially if you expect it on a particular ).
  • Dave recently found that low scan rates on the RF section of MDO3000 lock up the keys on the scope.
  • A Cleveland accelerator is now looking for hardware startups.
  • Dave found out there is also a hardware accelerator in Sydney.
  • Many of our listeners will be tempted by VC/accelerator money as well. Just be sure you know why you’re taking money for a company idea.
  • Ben Einstein of Bolt (another hardware accelerator) wrote a piece on why so much money is heading into hardware.
  • Littlebits released their CloudBit module, which connects their platform to the internet. Chris was interested to know that people are using it as prototyping. 
  • Google is giving $1 million for the “Littlebox challenge”. It’s all about trying to get the maximum power density for a microinverter.
  • The EDA solver is meant to be a way to search through available components for a PCB and pick the best ones. It will be interesting to see if that kind of thing works for non-example designs.

Thanks to pumpkin made in KiCad

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