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#207 – B Plus Boards and D Minus Cities – Uneath Urban Ubication


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The Amp Hour

Dave Jones & Chris Gammell

Description: An Electronics Radio Show

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#207 – B Plus Boards and D Minus Cities – Uneath Urban Ubication

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  • Chris went to Detroit with the Hackaday guys for the Red Bull Create competition:
  • The population in the 60s was about 2 million people, it’s now below 600K.
  • The art culture in Detroit is great, encouraged by low priced living and a variety of urban landscapes to work with.
  • Previously Chris had been at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for recruiting. Dave doesn’t understand how big companies chase graduates.
  • Chris really enjoyed Backyard Brains, who make kits for measuring brain activity. They were controlling cockroaches and scorpions.
  • Another company they visited was, a mesh based connected device platform:
  • Another connected platform, raising $600K on Kickstarter.
  • Not all crowdfunding projects work out so well though, a $3.5M project failure has disappointed their backers and shown that hardware is not guaranteed.
  • An article about embracing hardware on O’Reilly is probing the idea of why hardware has become more prevalent and what we’ll do with the data.
  • Our cousin podcast, was talking about IoT as pet rocks last week…it’s novel but mostly sits there after the fact.
  • The the Powerhouse again.
  • Chris got to visit the Ford museum in Dearborn and see the massive power generation capabilities.
  • The Raspberry Pi B+ was just announced the other day, it has improvements and fixes over the original version.
  • These are being produced by/with Element14, who also recently started offloading manufacturing of the Beaglebone.
  • The BeagleBone has been integrated into lots of commercial projects, which makes it difficult to keep them stocked.
  • Dave has been searching through old magazines to find mentions of the 74 series logic mentioned last week. See below for some shots of the magazines.
  • Next week on the show we’ll have reconfigurable, custom CNC machines. Very cool!

Thanks to George Thomas for the picture from inside the abandoned Detroit building.

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