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Episode 124 Of The 40cast - Black Friday Episode


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Episode 124 Of The 40cast - Black Friday Episode

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The entire crew is finally together again in Episode 124.  GloveBox runs the show and takes some heat from DeviousMrMatt.  The WiiU lives as two of the cast fork out the money to own the new system.    Same topics you’ve come to love covering all things drinking, video games, movies, television and sports discussions.  There is also some Black Friday talk, Matt unleashes his Totally True Gaming News and we discuss the new PSN+ goodies for the PSVita .  If you enjoy our outtakes at the end of the show then be prepared for a solid 4 minutes of laughs at the end.  We are sure you will be entertained, so grab your beverage of choice and get ready for a fun time!!

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