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Episode 60 – “Laying Wood”


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Trinity Force Podcast - League of Legends Podcast

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New York

Description: League of Legends eSports news, coverage, and opinion.

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Episode 60 – “Laying Wood”

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No big red warning for this week’s Trinity Force Podcast! We’ve got an hour long episode for you and it sounds AMAZING. Strap yourself in as we discuss Vi’s viability, the European League of Legends Champion Series, Gragas chest bumps, and a liiiiiitle bit of Thresh.

We also take some time to answer user questions AND give away $10 in RP!
Topics of Discussion
  1.  How eFame impacts your game (Athene, Hotshotgg, Reckern, etc.) – 3:20
  2. Jungler steal your farm to win games. Deal with it. – 9:17
  3. European player bans pre-LCS – 13:43
  4. The community loves volatile streamers – 18:30
  5. Season 3 European Qualifiers – Dragonborn, Fnatic, MYM and more. – 21:20
  6. The Dragonborn chest bump; pwnophobia stands on Hornetajc’s soap box – 29:47
  7. Badministrator call out (we need walk out music for pwnophobia!) – 34:35
  8. The $10 RP giveaway winner announced! – 35:36
  9. A little Thresh discussion (PSA: click the lantern) – 37:52
  10. Fan question: “Sotere, what do you do as the coach of FXOpen?” – 48:32
  11. Fan question: “What are the appropriate type of team comps you should build witha new team?” – 54:25

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