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Episode 56 – “Diamond Gold Ranked”


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Trinity Force Podcast - League of Legends Podcast

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Description: League of Legends eSports news, coverage, and opinion.

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Episode 56 – “Diamond Gold Ranked”

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On this week’s episode of the Trinity Force Podcast, the team gets together to continue their discussion of the Season 3 changes. We take special care to talk about the rampant Black Cleaver epidemic, the new masteries, and why the new support items could still be considered traps.

Also, if you’re looking for a Ranked 5v5 team, you should take special care to listen to the end of the podcast. Hornetajc can play either Jungle or Support and needs your help to be competitive!

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Topics of Discussions

  1. Intro – 2:00
  2. The New Jungle (when to farm, when to gank, and how to play it) – 3:20
  3. The Black Cleaver. Yep, we’re going there – 15:30
  4. The New Support Items, are they traps? – 17:45
  5. More about the new items – 24:00
  6. When do you buy oracles? – 28:10
  7. The new masteries (the top of the Utility tree is junk) – 34:25
  8. User questions: Why isn’t Annie played? What old/new champions will see viability in Season 3? – 46:47
  9. Hornet is looking for a ranked 5s team! – 1:00:00

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