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Episode 55 – “New Season, New Items, New Podcast!”


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Trinity Force Podcast - League of Legends Podcast

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New York

Description: League of Legends eSports news, coverage, and opinion.

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Episode 55 – “New Season, New Items, New Podcast!”

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On this week’s Trinity Force Podcast, we ring in Episode 55 with a “bang”. As Season 3 gets ready to start, so does “Season 3″ of Trinity Force! We say goodbye to an old friend (Optimus Tom) and hello to a new (Nathan Recker). As soon as the ass grabbing is done, the crew jumps into the pre-Season 3 patch…and boy is it a big one! We talk about Avarice Blade being a trap, the new Support items, the new jungle, and so much more!

Follow us each week as we continue to discuss the Season 3 patch and keep you informed.
Topics of Discussions

Intro – 2:00
Trinity Force’s Season 3 Reboot – 3:20
The verdict: Armor Penetration runes vs Attack Damage runes- 6:15
Avarice Blade (is it worth it?) – 12:27
A general overview of the new items – 15:30
The new jungle and the new item paths – 23:30
New characters? Sejuani is coming back! – 34:50
Touching on some math (hybrid runes, armor pen runes) – 40:41
More gold per 10 math! Kages, Philo, and Avarice – 44:00
Sotere breaks down the new support items. Are those traps too? – 47:23
Hornet’s IWillDoiminate opinion – 59:00
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