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Tenther Radio Episode 47: Joe Wolverton, Mike Maharrey and some Good News!


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Tenther Radio Episode 47: Joe Wolverton, Mike Maharrey and some Good News!

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Good news? Surprising, but true. A federal court blocks 1021 of the NDAA, Missouri moves towards sound money, North Carolina to vote on NDAA, New Jersey rejects Obamacare exchanges – and more. Nice to talk about something positive once in a while. But, Joe Wolverton and Mike Maharrey bring some bad news too – not really a downer, just some important truths.

Joe Wolverton discussed the NDAA 2013 passing out of Committee.  He reacted by comments made by some of our representative by saying,”We don’t care about Habeas Corpus.  Habeas Corpus is just the fever.  We are talking about the disease.  The disease is an American citizen being suspected of causing and posing a threat to the homeland being indefinitely detained in a federal prison.”

He pushed the point of nullification by saying, “The fact is we don’t have to obey illegal federal acts, or executive edicts.  Nullification is a sound and timeless principle Constitutional Jurisprudence.  We do not need to enact nullification laws in the states.  We do not need to rely on the courts to strike down this or that provision.  All we need to do is recognize that we as a people in our collective capacity as states created the federal government through the Constitution.”

When asked about the concept that if it isn’t Constitutional then it is not law, Wolverton answered, “The law has a definition, and as being trained as a lawyer I know what it is as do all Americans in their hearts.  You don’t need to be taught what a law is.”

Mike Maharrey joins Lesley Swann and John Lambert. They discussed a variety of topics starting with Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer vetoing the state’s Anti-NDDA bill.  He said referring to the governor, “She is pretty good about waging her finger at President Obama, but when it comes down to the rubber meeting the road she failed in her duty this time.”

Mike also informed us that he has completed his book on nullification, “It goes to  the root of the nut and bolt philosophies underlying the whole concept.  Actually, I started from the idea of government by consent and the fact each of us are individually sovereign.”

Maharrey addressed the issue when critics of the Tenth Amendments accuses of supporters are advocating racism, he pointed out, “The northern states (referring the FSA) this is wrong.  This is wrong Constitutionally and this is wrong morally. They began passing what is known as liberty laws.  Different states had different laws, but they did everything from guaranteeing jury trials to refusing the use of the state facilities for use by slave commissioners all to way to actually impeaching any state official who cooperated with these federal slave round ups.”

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The Tenther Radio Team for this Week
Michael Boldin, Lesley Swann, John Michaels, John Lambert – plus guests Joe Wolverton and Mike Maharrey

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