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#24 – Ignite Raleigh 3 Recap, Facebook Commerce Flops, OSX Mountain Lion


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Tech Monks Podcast

Tech Monks Podcast

Description: TechMonks is a weekly show that focuses on what’s happening in the world of technology, entertainment, and the local startup scene.

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#24 – Ignite Raleigh 3 Recap, Facebook Commerce Flops, OSX Mountain Lion

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Ignite Raleigh 3 Recap
This past Thursday, February 16th, 2011 we held the very successful third Ignite Raleigh. We hosted 15 speakers that covered diverse topics.

With over 350 attendees, the event turned out very well and gave Raleigh area geeks a great evening out!

You can hear the great energy of our emcees Page Crawford and Jake Fehling, as well as some memorable sound bytes from some of the speakers.

Visit Ignite Raleigh for more details.
For more details about the Ignite concept, visit Ignite Show.

Facebook Commerce – Is It A Big Flop?
An interesting discussion on the lack of success for Facebook’s commerce platform. We further discuss which direction Facebook will take in the future, as well as the lack of trust users have in terms of online commerce with certain platforms.

Resource: Facebook Commerce Has Been A Big Flop – via Business Insider

OSX Mountain Lion
Apple has announced the next version of its OSX operating system. Mountain Lion demonstrates Apple’s direction to blur the lines between notebook, desktop, and mobile technology.

  • No More Mac
  • Yearly Release Schedule
  • Deeper Integration with Mountain Lion
  • Messages EVERYWHERE
  • Notification Center
  • Sharing Built-In
Resources: Comprehensive story from John Gruber at DaringFireball – Mountain Lion


Aaron has been doing a lot of work with jQuery lately. Listen in to hear all the details!


The Warrior’s Way

Damond talks about the movie “The Warrior’s Way” that he recently watched on Netflix streaming. Listen in to see if he liked it!

Resource: The Warriors Way – IMDB

Mid-season Return of The Walking Dead
This past weekend, Tim had the chance to see the new thriller “The Woman in Black,” starring Daniel Radcliffe. Hear his take in this episode!

Resource: The Walking Dead – AMC TV

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