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Episode 258: New Blood


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TD Gaming Podcast

Description: The TD Gaming Podcast: A his & her podcast on recent gaming news, opinionated game reviews, game deals and site news. Gamers talking about gaming from a man and womans perspective.

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Episode 258: New Blood

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Because you asked for it, the podcast features four guys, including Jonah Falcon, Paul S. Nowak, Jordan Lund, and Dan Quick. This is the no frills edition, however, as due to travel to PAX East, there’s no Gaming Flashback, and only a few news items.

They include:

  • Rumor: Xbox 720 will require constant internet connection
  • Spector saw “look of fear in people’s eyes” over musicals in Epic Mickey 2
  • GAME acquired by OpCapita, no store closures planned
  • Sony confirms Zipper Interactive closure
  • Wii U less powerful than PS3, Xbox 360, developers say

We also include Reader Feedback. We’ll have a Question of the Week next week, we promise.

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