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Episode 375: And We’re Back


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Derrick & Jennifer Schommer

Description: The TD Gaming Podcast is a his & her podcast on recent gaming news, opinionated game reviews, game deals and site news. Gamers talking about gaming from both perspectives. Each episode will start with This Month In Gaming, in which we discuss a historical

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Episode 375: And We’re Back

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After a problematic week, Episode 375 is now up, with tons of news. So much that there’s no room for a Gaming Flashback or a Gaming History.

The news includes:

  • Joystiq no longer scoring” reviews
  • New Harmonix survey points to Rock Band 4
  • Hatred gets an AO rating in US
  • Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category
  • Microsoft maintaining $349 price point on Xbox Ones
  • Windows 10 includes in-home game streaming from Xbox One

This week’s Question of the Week: “What, if any, was your favorite part of Rock Band?”

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Episode 374: Lost in a Crowd

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This week’s episode of Gaming Podcast has a special guest co-host, Andrew Yoon, formerly of Joystiq and currently in card game and video game development. The Gaming Flashback is the one that started them all: LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game.

The slow news week includes:...

Episode 373: Happy New 2015

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This is the first podcast of 2015, and Jonah and Paul are ready to get going, talking about their holiday gifts and their disappointment in the film Birdman. There’s no Gaming History or Gaming Flashback this week, but stay tuned for one next week.

The news in this episode includes:...

Episode 372: Sony and The Interview

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After a week off, Gaming Podcast recounts the eventful week that saw Song kowtowing to cyberterrorists over a Seth Rogen comedy, while Jonah and Paul have mixed opinions on the controversy.

The news this past week were also big, including:

Massive patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity issued...

Episode 371: This Podcast Is Extreme

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This week is another short one as the news is pretty light. However, there is another Gaming History as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is examined.

This week’s news includes:

Destiny‘s PVP mode now breaks up teams if they’re too good

Xbox One sold over 720K Black Friday week in the US...

Episode 370: Excuse Me, Paul!

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This week is shortened due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but there’s still some fun to be had, especially when the Gaming History is about The Legend of Zelda cartoon series.

The news:

Nintendo patents Game Boy emulation for use in mobile devices...

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