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Episode 4: Augment Your Reality (with Zombies)


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The Tech Chicklets

Description: Liz and Kim get together to talk about how tech intersects with everyday life to make it richer, easier, or more fun. With their backgrounds in mom-blogging, and their diverse interests and experienc

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Episode 4: Augment Your Reality (with Zombies)

Liz and Kim are back, recording the show from opposite corners of the universe, and loving life.  In this show, we discuss:

  • Augmented reality contact lenses, practical and super-fun applications
  • Augmented reality with defeat you at pool
  • Cursive handwriting, and how lame it is not to be able to sign your own name, kiddies!
  • Twitter, Fluevog shoes
  •, gaining market share and our affection
  • Windows 7, we hope you’re worth the hype

Well, that’s it! We hope you LOVE the show. Let us know!

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