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Episode 3: Start Blogging!


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The Tech Chicklets

Description: Liz and Kim get together to talk about how tech intersects with everyday life to make it richer, easier, or more fun. With their backgrounds in mom-blogging, and their diverse interests and experienc

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Episode 3: Start Blogging!

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Kim and Liz have a ton of stuff for you in this show, which was recorded in the bright heat of the sudden Alberta summer.  We thank, our first supporter, and remind you to sign our Kindle petition.  Then:

  • Twitter helps in the zombie apocalypse
  • Twitter is mean!
  • Terminator Salvation: Why are robots evil?
  • Try Wolfram Alpha AGAIN!
  • GPS-enabled and location-aware internet rocks our pants
  • FEATURE: Start Blogging!
  • iPhone Ocarina with Cousin Garret

And finally, here are the blogging resources we promised:

The Problogger.

Great Tutorials
  • Blogger
  •’s YouTube Tutorial
  • Typepad’s YouTube Tutorial (very long video which takes some endurance to watch but it will answer virtually any question you might have.)
Developing the blog you’ve begun

These sites have some great tips, tricks, and ideas to make your blog shine!


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