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DevNews #90 – The semi-triumphant return with ShellShock, Layers or No, AngularJS rethinks, more


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DevNews #90 – The semi-triumphant return with ShellShock, Layers or No, AngularJS rethinks, more

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  • Finally, we might be seeing the end of stupid software patents

  • The potential downside of the internet of things?

  • As if on cue, ShellShock is a bash vulnerability. A big one

  • Here’s some fun for discussion - Why you should not implement layered architecture - ducking before the clots of dirt fly...

  • We had to get ourselves into the trough of disillusionment, didn’t we, ThoughtWorks?

  • Who is Watching the Watchmen? Severe Vunerabilites Found in Several Online Password Managers

  • Apple patents new intrusion detection concept - when the usage patterns aren’t ones they recognize

  • And we thought you were our savior - Microsoft purchases Minecraft for 2 Billion (evil finger to cheek) dollars

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