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DevNews 84 – Embers in the fire, hearts bleeding everywhere, I need a KitKat


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Philadelphia, PA

Description: The whole feed of all chariot technology podcasts, including news and interviews.

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DevNews 84 – Embers in the fire, hearts bleeding everywhere, I need a KitKat

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This week we have some news in the world of security, Javascript framework Ember makes a good appearance, and we have talk of KitKat and SD Cards, as well as the state of mobile processors for Android, Windows, and iPhone (and tablets and notebooks).

News Items
  • allow users to encrypt ahd hold keys themselves
  • Spring-cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli or Brunch
  • Building a mobile-friendly web app using Ember.js and jQuery Mobile
  • AngularFire
  • Oculus founder didn’t expect “so many death threats” after Facebook deal
  • KitKat and SD Cards - what’s broken and mis-understood
  • Faster, cheaper, smaller - the state of SOC Android phones in 2014

Going to Philly Emerging Tech this month? Ken plans on doing a podcast at the first evening dinner event - stop by and say hello.

The post Chariot Solutions.

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