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DevNews #89 – We drag Jamie Allen into the fray for some Reactive Commentary


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DevNews #89 – We drag Jamie Allen into the fray for some Reactive Commentary

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Our old pal Jamie Allen was in the neighborhood talking this-and-that about Scala, Akka and other sundry Typesafe products, so we roped him in to do the DevNews.

If you want a great flashback, listen to Jamie talk with me and Jonas Boner about his Akka library back in TechCast #47 - that was in 2009, folks!

Join Ken Rimple, Joel Confino and Typesafe's Jamie Allen as we comment on the following:

  • Bye bye Aperture - Apple to cease development and help others move to Adobe Lightroom or their own photos app for OS X Yosemite
  • Spark, a new Apache top-level project. Funny how these news items were prepared before we even thought of getting Jamie involved in this epsisode, but that's how it works!
  • Busting myths, scalability style - like that disk is truly random, and that we can't increase processing speed anymore
  • Visualizing Algorithms - not much to say about it, but wow it's pretty nifty to watch algorithms work visually.
  • Go is coming to Android - of course it it, Google owns Go, so uh, yeah! Go users, rejoice...
  • WebLogic is cool again? Huh? - Ken couldn't get these two to bite on this one... But it does integrate Docker and Java EE 7.
  • Lambda Architecture DOT NET - a GREAT impromptu discussion about this interesting implementation pattern that matches fast + slow processing together and what else is out there.
  • OpenSSL Roadmap - Joel gets us up to date about what's happening with the project after some pretty rough patches like GoToFail.
  • Jamie Allen brought us this great article - Alexy’s blog article on benchmarks - Java -vs- Scala, divided we fail - awesome and also amusing at the same time.
  • Also a great website to review for performance issues and challenges is Mechanical Sympathy

  • Jamie Allen is working with Manning on a book on Add Jamie’s book link from Manning with Roland Kuhn which is in MEAP (early access) - Reactive Design Patterns - check it out!

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