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TechCast #84 – AngularJS creator Misko Hevery on Angular 2.0 and team on Amy Ingram, A/I calendar assistant


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TechCast #84 – AngularJS creator Misko Hevery on Angular 2.0 and team on Amy Ingram, A/I calendar assistant

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Today's show features the creator of the landmark Javascript framework, AngularJS. I spoke to Misko Hevery about the rise of Angular in our current, "Good Parts JS" ECMAScript 5 world, how it evolved, and his focus on the next chapter, Angular 2.0. As you'll hear, the lack of the two letters, 'JS', is important in this new version of the framework, as it is being written to support Javascript 1.5 users, can run in modern and emerging browsers as ECMAScript 1.6 code, with classes and annotations, and also supports and is built in AtScript, an enhancement to the ES 6 language that supports data types.

Misko and I talk about the project, the bug thread that launched a thousand responses (#133 if you're interested in seeing how the templating language is evolving) and how he feels Angular 2.0 will be well suited as a successor to AngularJS 1.x. We also talk about the goals for supporting Angular 1.3 into the future.

My second guests, Alex Poon and Matt Casey, COO and Founder respectively, of They are working on a new technology for scheduling meetings, Amy Ingram, an intelligent digital assistant that can integrate with your Google Calendar and schedule meetings with you and your colleagues.

We discuss the business goals of the project, how they feel Amy will help people more easily coordinate meetings, and the challenges of building a product that has to learn how to schedule meetings using machine learning techniques.

We also discuss some of the implementation technologies a bit, which, by chance, includes AngularJS.

The post Chariot Solutions.

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