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The Melting Pot: New Year’s Eve Extravaganza 2012


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Raleigh, NC

Description: A podcast of unspecified length concerning news and events in accessible technology with a focus on visual impairments.

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The Melting Pot: New Year’s Eve Extravaganza 2012

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Please join Erin and Rodney for the 3rd Annual Melting Pot Show New Year's Eve Extravaganza 2012 as they countdown to 2013! They'll be playing current hits as well as your all-time party favorites. Grab a red solo cup and head on over to the Home of the Fun Guys,, on Monday, December 31st at 11PM as the party begins! When: December 31, 2012 Time: 11PM to 1AM Eastern Where: Follow the show on Twitter @MeltingPotShow and visit the show page at Please excuse the feed cross-postings!

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Tech Access Weekly, Episode 141

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"WWDC & more!"

Listener Mail

Robby is looking for a way to get high contrast theme settings onto a Blackberry Bold 9900 that is fully up to date. The Clarity theme only works on 9900's that are not updated.


LinkedIn confirms passwords were 'compromised'...

Tech Access Weekly, Episode 140

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"Don't Step in It"

This week we discuss a Password Breach at LinkedIn, US and Israel Confirmed Behind Stuxnet, Flame Virus Used Microsoft Certificate Loophole, Firefox 13 Released, AT&T Helps Android Developers Make Efficient Apps, Windows 8 Upgrade Program, Google Warning About Gmail Hacks, Google...

Tech Access Weekly, Episode 139

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"Stuck in the Honey Tree"

This week we discuss listener mail, Malware is on the Rise, Google Helping Alert About DNSChanger, Flame Malware is Huge!, Sprint Tethering Data Plans Change, Amazon Video for Xbox 360, Cable Companies Spread WiFi, Text Message Sender Not Being Sued For Accident, Facebook B...

Tech Access Weekly, Episode 138

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"Text on the Run"

**Special Note** We will be taking the week of May 21st off to relax and revive the minds. We should be back May 30th!

This week we discuss listener mail, Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Kindle Fire Parental Controls, MPAA Claims Censorship is Good, IP Addresses Can't Even Identify a Stat...

Tech Access Weekly, Episode 137

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"22 Slurpies"

This week we discuss Microsoft Security Essentials 4, ISP's Must Block Pirate Bay, Skype Reveals Your IP Address, Facebook Announces Antivirus Marketplace, Facebook Support Dashboard, Congress Wants To Stop Facebook Snooping By Employers, Flashback Searches Twitter, Mac Security Behind...

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