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TCT Podcast Episode #549 – You’re Kidding Me!


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Totally Cool Tech Podcast

Norbert Davis

Elk Grove, CA

Description: The Totally Cool Tech Podcast is all about highlighting and bringing you cool and interesting gadgets, gizmos, tools, tech, and news. Our tag line is "Tech So Hot, It's Cool!" Each episode is packed w

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TCT Podcast Episode #549 – You’re Kidding Me!

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This is TCT Podcast Edition #549 – You’re Kidding Me!, for Sunday, April 29th, 2012.

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This Episode’s Totally Cool Tech:

  • Windows Home Use Program
  • MIT  Media Lab
  • iPod Cooler
  • Tetris Helps PTSD Victims
  • U.S. Army Drone Non-Lethal “Magic Bullet”
  • Photos of the Space Shuttle over N.Y. City
  • DIY Radar
  • Nintendo Games Digital Release
  • Turn an iPad into a Laptop
  • Electric Scooter
  • Microsoft HomeOS
  • DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer
  • Sony’s Smart Outlet Tracks Your Usage
  • 240-HP VW Beetle
  • Star Wars Imperial Bathrobe
  • ZecOO Electric Motorcycle


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