The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

Easy Tarot Lessons

Description: The official Tarot podcast of Dusty White

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How to make REAL money with the tarot (series): episode 73

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What the the best kept secret of the REAL professionals? I am talking about the people who charge $100-$300 an hour, and more--not people who slave away on a "psychic hotline" for 25 cents a minute (like I have in the past)...

(Support) Manifesting special series 3 of 3: episode 66

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Short podcast today. Very light material. A technical glitch ruined the first part so we had to start over. Beth Tippie and Becky sat in and we discussed a few items essential to making manifestation work. Important enough to put up, not thorough enough to call one of the best episodes...

(Methodology) Manifesting special series 2 of 3: episode 65

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I had Becky on again, and we spoke for almost 90 minutes about the exact specifics you need to do to manifest practically anything you desire. Much more sedate and serene this time. We had a lot of fun covering techniques that actually work, and Becky gave a LOT of input on her real-life recent expe...

(Mindset) Manifesting special series 1 of 3: episode 64

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Holy crap I was on fire today! Rant, rant, rant!Nate sat in on today's lesson on manifestation. We covered two extremely important mental techniques that are the key difference between "wishing" and "getting." I ranted, I swore, I almost jumped up and down. This information is too valuable to ignore...

Brainstorming with the tarot: episode 62

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I sat down with Nate and laid out specifically how to use your tarot cards for so much more than simple divination. We cover, step-by-step, how to brainstorm with the tarot, solve problems, and achieve anything you want in life. Full details are in Advanced Tarot Secrets, but this episode should get...

Staged cards (exclusive information): episode 61

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**Double episode**

Hey gang,

Becky and I sat down and talked about the cards that are obviously staged: cards where it looks like the people are acting on a stage in front of a backdrop. We discussed why these came about and what it all means in the greater scheme of things. A lot of tarot history i...

Quick and easy ways to master reversals: episode 60

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Becky and I sat down and talked about reversals, and how to understand them quickly and easily. I gave several examples in the second part of the show to help you get them as they show up in real life. We pulled techniques from Advanced Tarot Secrets, such as spread protagonists, and Card in Positio...

How to be a better tarot reader: episode 57

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Kim from Australia was kind enough to sit down with me and let me teach a bit of highly useful instruction on how to be a better Tarot reader. There was not so much one topic this evening as there was a reinforcement of things you must know and do every time you give a reading. These are the secrets...

New tarot game!: episode 55

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Free lesson series continues: 

I paid for Cindy's tuition today. We sat down and played a new tarot game at her request. She was having trouble opening up cards and wanted to play "What does thhis card mean?" from Advanced Tarot Secrets. I also answered Allen's question on why some cards are st...

Another Private lesson: pre-spreadwork explained step-by-step: episode 54

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Wow! A triple episode! Becky and I sat down and helped three students learn pre-spreadwork. 

Pre-spreadwork is the most important part of any reading you do. It is the bread and butter of professional psychcs, and it is the difference between vague, general readings that could apply to any...

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