The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

Easy Tarot Lessons

Description: The official Tarot podcast of Dusty White

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(Advice from students) Manifesting special series 4 of 3: episode 67

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Debbita is back! 

Debbi Matz and my absolute favoritest of favorites Deb Altman joined me today for a surprise bonus lesson, where we sat down and talked about divination and manifestation. We had fun and I hope that you do as well. A lot was covered and we shared real-life examples of how we d...

How do we become GREAT readers?: episode 59

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Super important lesson today.

Becky and I sat down and I ranted (I used an expletive -- twice!) about the need for training. This is something you must hear, and look around you at the readers you see on TV, on the internet, and who have shops. Look to see who is giving highly detailed, ACCURAT...

Bryan's Journey (part 1): Easy Tarot Lessons episode 21

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Not the fool's journey--Bryan's journey! Bryan is a new student of mine and we sat down in a real-life lesson and ran over a few of the exercises from The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!! We had some fun and got goofy but you can see how easy it is to learn the tarot when you use th...

Becka update: Easy Tarot Lessons episode 18

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Becka is one of my private students who has been on her own for a bit and we sat down and just yapped about what she has learned and how she is doing with the tarot. This is an exclusive look at a real student who started as a beginner a few months ago and has made amazing progress. Becka is proof t...

ETL Alpha-series #3: It's the little things

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Simplifying simple spreads:

Beth and I sat down today and covered the small spreads, ones we do for every day questions and as enhancements to larger spreads. We focused on the 1, 2, and 3 card spreads and how to get the most out of them in real -life circumstances. We also covered, in-depth, the "...

ETL Alpha-series #1: Fun with reversals!

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The education of Beth begins here. 

We are taking the podcast in a different direction, a more fun one. Shorter, crisper lessons. I have a new student who is fun and interesting, and she has volunteered to have some of our lessons recorded for public consumption. Obviously most of what I teach...

Secrets of the tarot from experts: Easy Tarot Lessons episode 15

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Carol and I sat down and talked about various tarot cards and interesting trivia and history that will enhance your abilities to read the tarot accurately. The new deck is out today so I mentioned that a few times. Please see it at ...

How to read tarot cards for yourself: Easy Tarot Lessons episode 11

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Julie in Australia asked about reading the tarot for yourself, so I sat down with Diana, one of my mentees and we talked about it. This is a casual lesson. LOTS of info, but nothing to buy--no sales pitches, no infomercials. We cover some very important fundamentals you need to master before you can...

Blending Cards: Easy Tarot Lessons episode 10

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HERE is the visual lesson that will help you get the most from this episode: (lotsa pix!)

This is really loose form today. It has been too long since I did an episode so I sat down with Carol, one of the students of my new deck and we just had a chat abou...

First steps in mastering the tarot: Easy Tarot Lessons episode 1 (Reboot--new format)

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Hi everyone. This is the reboot of the Easy Tarot Lessons podcast. We will try to make this a weekly thing. You will learn things here you can't find anywhere else, and you will learn it from professional tarot teachers, famous tarot artists, published tarot authors. This is a free course on the tar...

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