The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!

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Description: The official Tarot podcast of Dusty White

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How to make REAL money with the tarot (series): episode 73

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What the the best kept secret of the REAL professionals? I am talking about the people who charge $100-$300 an hour, and more--not people who slave away on a "psychic hotline" for 25 cents a minute (like I have in the past)...

How to make REAL money with the tarot (series): episode 72

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Part one of a three-part series: How to make real money reading the tarot. What you can expect out in the real world. Ish and I sat down and I talked about psychic hotlines, working privately, owning a shop, working at a shop, psychic fairs, and Craigslist. This is just the first part of a series--t...

Maximizing your Tarot manifestations: episode 71a

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How to fine tune your tarot manifestations to get EXACTLY what you want!

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Powerful spells, manifestation that actually works, effective prayer: call if what you like, your ability to get "God" (angels, spirit guides, Loa, faerie friends . . .) to help you get what you want...

How to make a LOT of money with the tarot (part 1): episode 70

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Hey gang,

I sat down with my private student, Ish, and we went over the process of predicting elections. Since we had so little time, we did not go into everything you need to know, but gave a lot of basic info. She did two example spreads and nailed them. (We will see if she is right soon!)...

Private lesson: How to verify a spread: episode 69

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Hey gang,

Today, one of my private students (Ish) joined me on the podcast for an hour as I explained how to verify the accuracy of every spread you cast. This has so many values that you should never EVER cast a spread without verifying the accuracy of it before you put your reputation on the line...

Long boring talk on astrology and the tarot: episode 68

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Don't say I didn't warn you. Deb is back (yaay!), and she and I talked mostly about astrology and the tarot. I ranted a bit, but it needed ranting about. There is simply too much crap out there these days, confusing people and making all of this harder than it should be. But if you listen to the ent...

(Advice from students) Manifesting special series 4 of 3: episode 67

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Debbita is back! 

Debbi Matz and my absolute favoritest of favorites Deb Altman joined me today for a surprise bonus lesson, where we sat down and talked about divination and manifestation. We had fun and I hope that you do as well. A lot was covered and we shared real-life examples of how we d...

(Support) Manifesting special series 3 of 3: episode 66

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Short podcast today. Very light material. A technical glitch ruined the first part so we had to start over. Beth Tippie and Becky sat in and we discussed a few items essential to making manifestation work. Important enough to put up, not thorough enough to call one of the best episodes...

(Methodology) Manifesting special series 2 of 3: episode 65

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I had Becky on again, and we spoke for almost 90 minutes about the exact specifics you need to do to manifest practically anything you desire. Much more sedate and serene this time. We had a lot of fun covering techniques that actually work, and Becky gave a LOT of input on her real-life recent expe...

(Mindset) Manifesting special series 1 of 3: episode 64

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Holy crap I was on fire today! Rant, rant, rant!Nate sat in on today's lesson on manifestation. We covered two extremely important mental techniques that are the key difference between "wishing" and "getting." I ranted, I swore, I almost jumped up and down. This information is too valuable to ignore...
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