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In Vino Veritas (4/30): The Final Penguin NSFW


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In Vino Veritas (4/30): The Final Penguin NSFW

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In Vino Veritas Final Penguin In Vino Veritas (4/30): The Final Penguin NSFW
A roomful of cork dork and purveyor of wineful truth joined Todd for the final episode of In Vino Veritas in TAG’s Pabst Blue Ribbon Studio.

Because in wine, there is truth.

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The Poshcast (4/28): One More Time: Plaid Door

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The ladies of the Poshcast meet for the last time in the Pabst Blue Ribbon Studio to talk about resale and SGF's Plaid Door. Keep up with Heather Kane and The Poshcast as it continues in its new online home with Sugarkane Designs (http://sugarkane...

In Vino Veritas (4/23): Antar-tar (Metropolitan Grill)

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Antar from Metropolitan Grill joins the crew for a spirited conversation, on the penultimate episode of In Vino Veritas...

Beer Buzz (4/24): Onward and upward joined by SBC’s Ashton Lewis

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Longtime friend of Beer Buzz Ashton Lewis joined us for the final podcast voyage. Fittingly, audio problems plagued the final show as it did the very first episode years ago with beer author Stan Hieronymous. A gigantic thanks to White Ri...

The Visual Spread (4/25): The Final Show. . . for now.

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(http://tagsgf.com/wp-content/uploads/images13.jpeg)On the final installment of The Visual Spread at TAG studio, Cameron and Blake talk about the the good times and the bad as well as what's in store for the future of The Visual Spread. The show includes some sappy reminiscence of nostalgic days pas...

InfinitePlayroom ep 105: 4-20-2014 Happy Weedster

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Well I must say I'm more than a little sad that this will most likely be the last episode that we will post here at TAG.  It has been a great 2 years, but as they say "All good things..."  On the show this week we cover our Comic Con experience from a few weeks ago,  Harasactul and IroncladMeatra...

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