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SDS Ep. 33: A-MAZE-ing Mazes!!


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Description: A weekly news-based podcast about the good and the not-so-good aspects of parenting, from Dad's perspective.

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SDS Ep. 33: A-MAZE-ing Mazes!!

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Shaun and Josh discuss a variety of topics / politics / being honorary Canadians / giant mazes / Mr. Mom is dead / Year of the Dad continues / Can you be a parent athlete / food / top 10 skills kids get from the arts / sleepovers

This episode brought to you by Audible

Strange Brew

Mr Mom is dead, yo.

It’s called parenting, not baby sitting

How not to parent: the Walter White edition

Audible Book Recommendation: Tribes by Seth Godin

Can you be a parent athlete?

Top 10 Skills Kids Learn from the Arts

Outro Music: “Canada” by Low

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