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SDS Ep. 30: Dina’s a Lincoln Log Lover.


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Description: A weekly news-based podcast about the good and the not-so-good aspects of parenting, from Dad's perspective.

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SDS Ep. 30: Dina’s a Lincoln Log Lover.

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In this episode, Josh and Shaun bring in the New Year smacking down New Years Resolutions, among other things.


Beloit college list of people who’s kids were just born… Questions they’ll ask when they hit 18.

5 Facebook etiquette rules every parent should follow.

7 Essential Items for the Modern Dad

A Dad’s Guide to New Years Resolutions

Building Goals on a Strong Foundation

8 New Year’s Resolutions Dads Need to Make, Not Break

Jersey daughters convince dad to get Botox for their weddings

Dad Hires In-Game Killers to Stop Jobless Son From Online Gaming

Playlist TED What makes us happy.

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“New Year’s Eve” by Silence Is Sexy

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