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SDS Ep. 27: Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas.


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Description: A weekly news-based podcast about the good and the not-so-good aspects of parenting, from Dad's perspective.

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SDS Ep. 27: Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas.

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Josh and the Fam go to Lego KidsFest / Shaun and Josh talk about technology / Cool Ipad Apps / Dad uses Photoshop to convince his kids that ewoks are real… is this ok? Let’s talk about it in the forum! / Andre Johnson spends mad money on kids (awesome dude of the week.) / Disney is on Netflix / Terrible Gift Ideas, are sometimes the best gift ideas.

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Lego KidsFest. AKA. Germ Town USA.

One girls quest for gender equality with easy bake ovens.

Lincoln Logs…. Cabin after Cabin after Cabin after Cabin after Cabin….

Foldify Ipad App – Let’s you design and print little paper dudes.

Nathan is allllll about Minecraft Papercraft

5 Basic Life Skills we forget to teach our kids

Kate’s Dad made Lucy a Learning Tower… He’s the best.

We’d like to thank Audible for supporting the show!

The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management: Increase Productivity and Inner Peace

Dad convinces daughter that ewoks are real by photoshopping them into scenes in family pictures.

Andre Johnson (Houston Texans Wide Reciever) spent over $19,000 at Toys R Us for kids toys in a shopping spree.

Disney signs a major deal with Netflix

Terrible Christmas Gifts…. Just Terrible.

OUTRO MUSIC: “Systematic Neurosis” by Herre Jorna

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