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SDS Ep. 11: Squirrel In a Box


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Super Dad Show

Josh and Shaun

Description: Loving our kids, through the internet.

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SDS Ep. 11: Squirrel In a Box

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Shaun and Dina have a date night / Josh takes Lucy dining. / Josh and Kate think about taking the 100 Day Challenge to eat real food / We hate on corn and processed foods.

Camp Counselors at a Rave? What’s a Rave?
Baby Carrots are EXTREEEEEME!
Why do kids like ap-pap (ketchup)?
Think before you act.
10 Everyday Super Foods
Top 5 Ways to Get Sabotaged at Starbucks
100 Days of Real Food
The Rules for 100 Days of Real Food
What is a Whole Grain?
Is mold good for you?
I want to believe, in mold
White flour is bad
Why Splenda is bad for you.
Why red makes you hungry
What happens when you eat ramen noodles and gatorade. Gross.
Why McDonald’s Burgers wont decompose.
King Corn movie
Children of the Corn
The good and the bad of coffee
Outro Music: “Street Food” By Sattelite 4

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