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SDS 67: Rotten to the Common Core?


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Josh and Shaun

Description: Loving our kids, through the internet.

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SDS 67: Rotten to the Common Core?

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Shaun and Josh welcome the first guest to the show! “Dave” has experiences related to Common Core and how it relates to being a parent. We talk about Josh’s sensory deprivation experience / Should parents have a dress code? / If you run, use this hashtag #DadsRun4Boston / We discuss the worlds toughest job and how it’s parents, maybe? Yes, mothers too. / and more!

Guy taking selfie gets hit by a train… conductors foot.
Parents in Broward County FL need a dress code? (video)
#DadsRun4Boston running hashtag.
Josh is running a 5k for a local homeless ministry
The world’s toughest job? I know it’s about Mother’s Day, but COME ON!
Motherhood isn’t the toughest job?
5 Ways little kids are like hippies
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Dad Bloggers in Pittsburgh

Uber is amazing.

Jitney Drivers.

Dave Brockie from Gwar passes away.

Common Core

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Use #superfitdad for your fitness dad new years resolutions!!

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