Suds And Buds Podcast: Audio Version

Ep. 29 – They Do GREAT Work


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Suds And Buds Podcast: Audio Version

Brian Stephens and Mike Speenberg

Atlanta, GA

Description: The Beer Discovery Podcast

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Ep. 29 – They Do GREAT Work

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It’s been another couple of weeks since our last episode. Your hosts have been up to a lot in that time but none of that stuff included thinking about cohesive show topics or preparing an outline. So, what you get today is Brian and Mike in complete “Stream of Consciousness Mode”. Please don’t hold them accountable for the things that come out of their mouths for the next hour. They have not thought about what they’re going to say ahead of time or what the lasting effects of what their words will be… ok, it’s pretty much like every single week on this show except they don’t have an outline this week.

Today’s show topics cover a wide landscape and include such diverse & varied topics like: 1) What is the quintessential Rock-n-Roll beverage? 2) Mike’s first TV appearance as a latchkey kid. and 3) Can you turn someone gay by sticking his head in a toilet? [Sounds serious... I know. But believe me, it's probably just a lot of half-told stories and half-baked thoughts]

These guys also hit a TON of other topics, come to some long needed epiphanies, and solve absolutely NONE of the world’s problems this week. ENJOY!

Today’s Beers: Smuttynose Robust Porter.

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