Subject:CINEMA #258 - "SCREEN SCREAMS: The Devil You Say!"


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Subject:CINEMA #258 - "SCREEN SCREAMS: The Devil You Say!"

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Ghoulies and Ghosties are out, and the goblins are running from house to's the 2010 edition of SCREEN SCREAMS, only on Subject:CINEMA! This week, it's the most EVIL of EVILNESS..ness..ness (if you get it, write me at as we take a look at the Devil in films!

And we've got a back half filled to the brim - entertainment news, a "CHERRY" bulletin for New York City, a calendar update including a VERY SPECIAL announcement, your e-mail, a Cheese & Whine review of the William Castle/Joan Crawford classic "STRAIT-JACKET" and reviews of RED and NOWHERE BOY!

Don't forget to stop by our main websites on Popcorn N Roses and Subject:CINEMA for a few little show note bonuses...

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