Subject:CINEMA #255 - "SCREEN SCREAMS: Haunted Makeover - Home Edition!"


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Subject:CINEMA #255 - "SCREEN SCREAMS: Haunted Makeover - Home Edition!"

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Ghoulies and Ghosties are out, and the goblins are running from house to's the 2010 edition of SCREEN SCREAMS, only on Subject:CINEMA! This week, on our first of two installments on this October Double Feature Weekend, we look at the hauntings in and around your everyday, average other words, it's haunted house flicks on "Haunted Makeover: Home Edition!"

Don't forget to stop by our main websites on Popcorn N Roses and Subject:CINEMA for a few little show note bonuses...

And if I could trouble everyone, please say a quick prayer for veteran BMX Pro superstar and MTV's Real World Challenge host TJ Lavin, who is in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital after a crash during the BMX Dirt prelims at the Dew Tour finals on Thursday. This was to be TJ's final competition before retiring - please send him all your thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery...WE LOVE YOU, TJ! GET WELL SOON!!!


All this week, don' t miss the Boston premiere of one of the best indie films of the year, CHERRY, starring PNR Rising Star Kyle Gallner!  Tickets are on sale NOW at the Somerville Theatre website ( Please PLEASE Help us SELL THIS SHOW OUT as much as possible!  Thanks! 

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