Subject:CINEMA #307 - "INDUSTRY INDEPTH: Preserve Me A Seat - Theater Preservation!"


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Subject:CINEMA #307 - "INDUSTRY INDEPTH: Preserve Me A Seat - Theater Preservation!"

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WE MADE IT! YAY!  The final installment of our INDUSTRY INDEPTH series is up, and this time we take a look at helping theaters survive, and why the battle to save endangered theaters usually ends badly. It's PRESERVE ME A SEAT - Theater Preservation!

PLUS - the Bonehead Of The Week, A Fethival Flash Film Review of THE PRUITT-IGOE MYTH: AN URBAN HISTORY, the latest entertainment news, the Toronto Film Festival list for 2011, and an indepth interview with the man who made the movie that inspired this installment, Jim Fields, director of PRESERVE ME A SEAT!

Our next show will be available a week from Sunday, August 14, as HERO HEAT V begins with the legendary CHARLIE CHAN!

Extensive show notes, with links and all kinds of commentary, are available on our website every Tuesday evening - check it out at
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