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SMAC076 What We Can Learn from Asiana Flight 214


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Stuck Mic AvCast - An Aviation Podcast About Learning to Fly, Living to Fly, & Loving to Fly

Len Costa, Carl Valeri, Rick Felty, Victoria Zajko, Sean Moody

Boston, Chicago, DC, Tampa, Lexington

Description: Fly Smart, Fly Safe. With Len Costa, Carl Valeri, Victoria Zajko, Sean Moody, and Rick Felty.

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SMAC076 What We Can Learn from Asiana Flight 214

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Pre-Flight Checklist

The crew is here along with special guest Bill English, Lead Accident Investigator on Asiana Flight 214.

Mr. English is an Investigator-in-Charge for the Major Investigations Division for the National Transportation Safety Board headquartered in Washington, D.C. Mr. English also worked for the FAA and has a background in navigation.

Cruise Flight

This week's main discussion is on the crash investigation of Asiana flight 214 in San Francisco in July 2013.

  • How the NTSB learns about an accident and how they assemble a team and get to the accident.
  • How the Major Investigation Division team members deal with the tragedy of these accidents themselves.
  • How the NTSB determines what pictures and information is what released and what is kept confidential.
  • How the NTSB sorts out all the data from an accident to determine the "probably cause" of an accident but also the recommendations the NTSB makes to the FAA, airlines, etc.
  • The different products, reports and information put out by the NTSB.
  • What's in the investigator's "go bag?"
  • Importance of standard operating procedures when calling out what the pilot is doing with the aircraft.
  • What we as general aviation pilots can learn from Asiana 214.
  • The importance of teaching and instruction even for experienced pilots.

After Flight Checklist

No picks this week, as we enjoy this wonderful interview of our very special guest.

After Landing Checklist

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Pre-Flight Checklist

The crew is here except for Victoria who had to take the night off. It's hot hot hot!!

Shout outs from Rick for Andrew Blanchard getting his CFI at Purdue and Sam Debartolo who passed his written for his Private and possibly did his long cross-country!

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Pre Flight Checklist

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