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Stop Drop and Roll - Episode 53


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Stop Drop and Roll - Episode 53

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In this episode Isaac intoduced Billy to the show. Him and Billy have met once before and decided that was the perfect basis to do a podcast. Isaac failed to prepare much so mostly asked lots of questions designed for a first date. Also an announcement is made that goes against all of Isaac’s firmly held beliefs.  The technology was fucking with us on this one im afraid but it came out fine. e-mail - stopdropandrollpodcast@gmail.comtweet us - @isaac_kh , @billymorrisfool or @gringobilliamalso like the show on facebook and give us itunes reviews Download Standard Podcasts [...]

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Stop Drop and Roll - Episode 52 - Conessions of a toilet roll junkie

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In this podcast our heroes are rudely interrupted by a gang of trolls. Download Standard Podcasts...

Stop Drop and Roll Episode 51

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Through the use of marijuana i managed to coerce Jiff into doing a late night podcast with me. Late night means no rules so get ready to be shocked, suprised.... aroused ? We talk about university, tattoos and Isaac's life some how being on track despite his best efforts to be a faliure.Download Sta...

Stop Drop and Roll Episode 50 - Homophobic Jumpers

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Me and Jiff are back togethere. Two star struck lovers back together despite distance tearing them apart. I apologise for loosing the first half of the podcast.

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Stop Drop and Roll - Episode 49

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Back once again for the renegade master!!!!!! Yes that is right, Stop drop and Roll is back MOTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. This time I recorded a rather ad hoc show in my friends room with Malcolm, Tony and Omari (technically making it the biggest show people wise). I apologise for the long delay, but you...

The radio show special / cop out

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Here is the radio show that I do with Malcolm (from the podcast) and Tony (now from the podcast, from Ireland).

hope you enjoy it.  If you do listen here  9 pm wednesday (GMT) or 1pm (Pacific time for which I don't know the letters)

follow me on twitter - @isaac_kh...

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