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Episode #177 – Apples to Capes


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Description: Geeks of the web unite!

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Episode #177 – Apples to Capes

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  Headlines: Yes, the internet is having problems. It’s not just you. The future is coming: reversible USB ports! Comcast is at it again Blackberry is on the mend . . .  wait . . . Microsoft shows off Halo 5 multiplayer beta Tomb Raider now an Xbox exclusive, at least for a time Xbox […]

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Podcast Episode #176 – Hashtag Jiggaword

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It's a brand new week, and a brand new opportunity to donate to our Indiegogo campaign!


Russian Hackers steal 1.2 Billion usernames and passwords

Samsung gets some money, stops paying the bills

Microsoft takes control of Internet Explorer. Watch people freak out...

Podcast Episode #175 – Ask Your Parents

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Hey, you should really check out our Indiegogo campaign! As in, right now.  It's ok, we'll wait.


Judges ruling for NSA & Verizon turn out to be Verizon shareholders

China raids Microsoft offices in monopoly probe

FCC is having none of Verizon's "throttling" crap...

Episode #174 – Three Person Quartet

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Have you looked at our Indiegogo yet? You haven't?!  Well you totally should 'cause we'd love you forever if you could donate!


Oh Sony, we’ve missed you!

North Korea just doesn't understand the internet

Netflix now has over 50M members

Simpson's fans are kinda nuts!...

Episode #173 – Time Travelers

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Samsung finds factory using child labor, cuts ties

Blackberry Assistant might be the only way you can use a Blackberry

90% of the market only counts when the market is 90% of the world.

Microsoft just had a huge shakeup!

Journalist gives password, gets what he asked for...

Episode #172 – A Special Coat

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ISIS: This is how you get ants!

New Zealand ISP: VPN like a boss

Samsung starts to feel the "Apple Effect"

Blackberry: Yeah, we did that on purpose

Better charge that device before travelling!

Not claiming your online presence could cost you.

Aereo is fighting its way back...

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