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Podcast Episode #190 – Money and Politics


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Description: Geeks of the web unite!

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Podcast Episode #190 – Money and Politics

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  Headlines: China hacks the USPS for . . . stamps? Cops pay ransomware they download You LG phone is . . . LOOKING at me. Samsung partnering with Blackberry to bolster Knox security US Weather Service hacked and taken offline Some Yahoo investors are stupid (again) Google Ads fail, give everyone an ad vacation […]

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Episode #189 – Legal Troubles

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Google's flu map is now accurate

Dropbox partners with Microsoft for integration with Office

Amazon Prime users now get unlimited photo storage

Apple actually helps Google grow

Google offers USB Security Key access in Chrome

Leaked pics a sex crime?

Feds seize Silk Road 2...

Episode #188 – So Inappropriate

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Antares Rocket explosion and Updates

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashed in California

AT&T Locks iPad Air 2 Sim-card

Samsung Announces Galaxy A3 and A5 phones

T-mobile has largest quarterly growth in history

Microsoft Health launches...

Podcast Episode #187 – Com Dot Com

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Google Inbox (it's blue!)

iPhone sales are up, iPad is down

China is hacking ________ again

Marvel PR can do no wrong at this point.

Felicia Day worries about getting doxxed by gamergate.  Immediately gets doxxed.

CERN asks, "What is this?!"...

Podcast Episode #186 – Everything Uncomfortable

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We have racism, Appleism, and Zohner's nudes throughout this episode. You've been warned.


Glitch in the Nielsen ratings could cost big bucks

Hackers might have your old Drop Box password

Amazon has another pop-up store in the works...

Podcast Episode #185 – The New Guy

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New Apple malware infects through Reddit

Samsung earnings plummet compared to last year but they still make gains on the market

Twitter sues US government

Belkin kills the internet

Google inadvertently makes searching the Pirate Bay easier...

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