Steel City Resistance



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Steel City Resistance

Hutch Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A couple guys from Pittsburgh and Orlando discussing national goings on

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Unauthorized snowstorm in the Burgh,

Scott Brown bails out,

Moe Money,

Dems don’t seem to be offended that they are being played for stupid,

Pat Toomey say it isn’t so,

Hutch has no love for Republicans,

Hagel bombs out,

It’s rats from a sinking ship,

New media forces NBC chief out,

NBC is a criminal organization,

Eric contributes

Barak John Wayne Obama,

Let’s talk about the violence in Leftist cities,

Military hollowing out has begun,

And the hands come off,

 Phony Leftist feminists,

Tom Cotton comes aboard,

50 Billion more,

Wounded Warrior Project rejects church fundraiser,

Brawley get’s  got,

Illinois school districts going with sharia